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Parsva Hasta Padasana Pointers

A stellar week of philosophy and yoga

I had a fabulous week of  teaching both yoga and philosophy.  There were 15 people in my Castle Hill class.  The sequence I had planned was a bit  ambitious given that there were  a few people I didn’t really know and that I wanted Leann to teach and needed to navigate the people with various…

Eight Limbs of Yoga for a Whole Being

Yoga One Blog

by Sarah Clark

0127ssI’ve come to think of my eight-limbed yoga practice a lot like the image of the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara from the Buddhist tradition. This figure, said to embody compassion, is often depicted with many, sometimes innumerable arms. Each one of these arms and subsequent hands holds a different kind of tool – the tool that will be just right for the task; and that right tool depends on the circumstance.

Like many westerners, I was introduced to yoga through asana, or the practice of yoga postures. Asana is the third limb of yoga in the eight-limbed path. For a long while, my practice was characterized solely by the time I spent on my yoga mat, sweating, moving and breathing (working with the energy of breathing is the fourth limb, by the way: pranayama). It was glorious.

But after awhile, I felt other seeds starting to grow. My posture…

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Āsana de abril: Paścimottānāsana

Reverenciado e silencioso mestrePaścimottānāsana, postura finalPaścima significa Oeste. No oriente, a palavra também é usada para designar a parte de trás do corpo, da cabeça aos calcanhares. A parte da frente, do rosto até os dedos dos pés, é a face Leste; o topo da cabeça é a Norte; enquanto as plantas dos pés, a…

What shall I Write in My Notebook? – Concepts, Attachments and Iyengar Yoga

In a monastery, two monks argued about a point regarding their master’s teaching. One said yes and the other said no. Finally, they came to their master to explain their understanding of the teaching. After the first monk explained why he…

Listening to your practice: Asanas will tattle on you

I was fortunate enough to start my work week with a home practice. That has been rare for me lately as I started a new job which demands that I be in the office more often. My practice felt strong this morning, but when I got to Halasana (plow pose) my legs felt stiff and […]

Āsana de Março: Sālamba Sarvāṅgāsana 1

Benevolente rainhaĀlamba = acessório, suporte.Sa = junto com; acompanhado de.Sālamba = Suportado ou apoiado.Sarva = tudo, inteiro, completo.Aṅga = membro ou corpo.Sarvāṅga = todo corpo ou todos os membros.Em Sālamba Sarvāṅgāsana 1 o corpo inteiro é beneficiado, por isso o nome.A invertida sobre os ombros vem classificada no Light on Yoga com o grau de dificuldade…