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from September 14 to 22,  2016

with Rita Keller

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           The subject will be:

         “Understanding the cosmology in Iyengar Yoga”

(teaching will be in English)

During this week we will travel 1 day to Melkote, an old Vishnu/Narasimha place and Sanskrit  College and Library

The net profits from our retreats plus so many donations made it possible that a new yoga hall, independent from college and high school could be built.

Also a new boarding house and cafeteria were built so that we have now new and modern facilities for boarding and yoga. 

The teaching is still in donation and also you help with you joining the retreat to support the BellurTrust for further investments. 

The daily schedule: Yoga classes morning and afternoon, prayers and meditation at the Patanjali Temple

7:00 – 8:00 am              Pranayama/Meditation

8.15 am                         Breakfast

9.15 am                         Puja at the Patanjali Temple in the village                                                 (chanting of 108 names, sutras, etc.)

11:00 am – 1.00 pm      Asanas

1:15 pm                         Lunch

3:30 pm                         Tea

5:00 pm – 7.00 pm        Philosophy, Asanas, followed by Puja

7.30 pm                         Dinner

  • Registration/Payment: with Pradeep Naidu S:
  • Information: Asta Laux
  • Registration for the Retreat Travel insurance is highly recommended, in case you are unable to travel.
  • Impressions of Bellur Inauguration Ceremony December 2015
  • PPT file of Booking Details

The price given in the application form of BKS Iyengar Yoga Center includes: shuttle from and to Bangalore airport, Yoga, all meals.

Link to Application Form BKS Iyengar Yoga Center_Form

Melkote Trip: costs for bus and driver/guide will be charged extra.

Pose Prescription: Hunched Over a Computer

April 28, 2016

Let’s be real—we all spend way too much time in front of the computer, and according to various studies, it’s far from being healthy.

A few yoga poses can reverse hours of spinal and shoulder misalignment and can help you feel good in no time.

In this series, we are compiling an entirely non-scientific, yet helpful series of poses to get you through those killer seated days (both physically and emotionally). Try the below sequence out and let us know if it works for you.

Hunched Over a Computer

1. Five Pointed Star Pose

Get out of your seat! Take off your shoes and stand with your feet at least four-feet apart. Push your naked feet into the ground and wiggle your toes around to loosen up the energies in your lower body. Stand as tall as you can, keeping your torso vertical and shoulders relaxed. Then, open your arms to the sides, making them parallel to the floor. Turn your palms forward and spread your fingers away from each other.

Take a generous inhalation, and expand yourself in every direction. Exhale loudly through the mouth, making a “huh” sound. Do this 10 times and then gently hop your feet next to each other.

2. Standing Side Bend

Stand with your feet as wide as your hips and press downward through the soles of your feet. Stay grounded through your feet and lengthen upwards through your torso, neck and skull. Imagine breathing in to widen your lungs, as you do, lift your arms in a circle around your body. Join your palms together and cross your thumbs to make a little lock there.

Take another wide inhale and bend to your right side, making a crescent moon shape with your whole body. Press heavily through your left foot. Stay up to five breaths before taking side two.

3. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Lay on your back. Bend your legs, bringing your feet as wide as your hips. Align your heels under your knees and rest your arms by your sides. Take a generous inhale, relaxing your shoulders. As you exhale, push downwards through your feet and press your thighs, butt, and hips upwards. Creating an arch in your spine, emphasize the lift of your shoulder blades into your back ribs.

Continuously use your legs in order to sustain the arched shape of this back bend, keeping the pressure out of your lower spine, and driving more opening and lifting energy through your chest.

Remain here for up to one minute. Or take several rounds moving into the pose on exhale, and release your back to the floor as your exhale.

Go ahead—move out the hunched over sitting pains!

Artwork: Stacy Zepernick


Niki saccareccia

Niki Saccareccia (E-500) is an author and Clinical Behavior Therapist. Niki’s insight into personal transformation is a unique and rare blend of methods from Western Psychology and Eastern Wisdom Traditions. Her approach is practical and concise, blending the best elements of alignment and mindfulness teachings into her classes. For more about Niki, visit READ MORE

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