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I thought about this question while I was in India. During a Q&A session, Abhijata talked about how we have to touch the standing poses, in our practice, everyday. Standing poses are the foundation for all other asanas. However, it is important to create a well-rounded practice that incorporates different categories of asana (i.e. forward bending, […]

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“Whatever our passions are, they help to define us. Yoga is the perfect tool to sharpen that definition.”

“Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion” GWF Hegel It took a year of “doing yoga” before I started to take it off the mat, and notice a connection with everyday actions and reactions. Nobody had told me that yoga could infiltrate every aspect of your life – like a ninja of…

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A five day retreat in scenic Nova Petrópolis, Brazil. © 2017 Bobby Clennell.

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Into the Great Wide Open: A Backend Sequence for the New Semester.This sequence is one I’ve been refining since the All Levels Backbend class. Supta SukasanaSupta VirasanaAMSUtt TadasanaUrdvha HastasanaHands behind back holding strapUrdhva BadanguilasanaPaschima bandanguiliasana Three hands at wall AMSVira IAdho Mukha Svanasana AMVira to AMS three hands on two bricksAMVrk Junior 1 and Junior …

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During President Obama’s farewell speech last night, he talked about each of us needing to look inside ourselves. To be willing to acknowledge our own internal racism, misogyny and other biases. To be willing to walk in the “other” persons shoes. This is something that I have been deeply contemplating throughout the past year.I went…

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John Schumacher is featured in the “Poses of the Month” section of the February 2017 Yoga Journal. (See pages 37-43.) John teaches us how to move from Virasana to Krounchasana. The link below is from the online version of the magazine, where the Virasana segment is featured. The print magazine is available in stores now,…

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Clearing out the ‘draft post’ drawerContents1. From the Samkhya Karika2. Why Meditation? What is the goal for Patanjali of Yoga3. The Complete Samkhya KarikaAppendix 1. Samkhya – Ramaswami’s NewsletterAppendix 2. DHYANA – from YOGA BENEATH THE SURFACEAppendix 3. On Samyama – More from Yoga Beneath the surface -Appendix 4. Video -Yamini Murthanna ( a long time…

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