Home from the Shoulder workshop

Home from the Shoulder workshop but off again for Week 2 of SFI


1.30 vyādhi-styāna-saṁśaya-pramādālasyāvirati-bhrānti-darśanālabdha- bhūmikatvānavasthitatvāni citta-vikṣepās te’ntarāyāḥ
These obstacles are disease, inertia, doubt, heedlessness, laziness, indiscipline of the senses, erroneous views, lack of perseverance, and backsliding. (I)

These disturbances are disease, idleness, doubt, carelessness, sloth, lack of detachment, misapprehension, failure to attain a base for concentration, and instability. They are distractions for the mind. (B)

So in the middle of Randy’s  class on  Sunday, I couldn’t come up with  the sanskrit for  backsliding (anavasthitatva)   a sort of  backsliding on its own, not remembering  backsliding.   Anyway,  I realized it is really time to study for the test!   (David, who passed Junior 2 last year, knew the answer). though that  experience in and of itself  helped move it more solidly into the knowledge banks.

I really love doing yoga at BKS Dallas.  Generally, I’m able “just” to be a  student there, and have been a student there  about a decade now and it really does feel like the space where I learn yoga.    But the life of the student, being what it is,  one does find one’s self on the other side of the mat from time to time.   I enjoyed teaching the shoulder workshop. There’s some stuff  I left out because I didn’t have a good plan for cycling people through the ropes.  I spent the night up in Dallas so I could go to Randy’s class in the morning.  He’s such a great teacher.  I liked the sequence a lot also,  gets right at most of what is difficult for me.

It went something like this.  I didn’t write it  down soon enough  but  this is the basic gist of it.  It was not my best matsyasana day, but I do think there’s tons for me to mine in this particular approach to getting open for it.

AMVrk a couple times
Supta pad cycle
version of supta  1  with  bent leg bringing knee to floor
Acarna D
Eka Hasta Bhujasana


Parsvottansana  a very intense version
Parivritta Trik
Parivritta parsva konasana back to trik
Ardha Matsysendrasana
Parsva Bakasana
Eka pada koundiyasana
Chair dwi pada work
Urdhva D

After  a long drive home,  I enjoyed a lovely afternoon and evening with  Jeff and Milo.  We went out for Mexican food, first time in a very long time  given my food regime,  and we  watched  Dead Pool,  which was totally hilarious.

So  now, it is time to get everything together for another few days in Waco.  (I will be up there at least tonight and tomorrow night,  I’ll see how my missing being home  levels are going  by  Wednesday).

Posted 6th June by Anne-Marie Schultz





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