All of a Sudden: The Last Day

3.53/ 3.52 kṣaṇa-tat-kramayoḥ saṃyamād viveka-jaṁ jñānaṁ
By samyama on moment and on the continuous flow of moments, the yogi gains exalted knowledge, free from the limitations of time and space. (I)

By performing samyama on the moment, and its sequence, one attains knowledge born of discrimination. (B)

I am struck by the relative experience of time this morning on the last day of our Blue Lake 2016 retreat. Christina mentioned how strange it is at the beginning of the week that we feel like we have our whole life unfolding here with this vast expanse of  future experience before us  and then it is over.

I agree.  I feel like it took me a bit to settle into this one. Perhaps because I worked all of June and then was in Brazilia,  I was not in the  same vacation frame of mind  as  I often am  up here.  Now, I feel ready to do more and it is hard to believe it is almost over.

I don’t think this experience of  the relativity of time is all that unusual.  But often we don’t take the time to reflect on that  experience.  One thing I like about this particular sutra is that it offers the opportunity to connect the  experience of  regular temporal existence with yoga practice.  Part of  yogic awareness is  becoming aware of these  moments in time.

That is all for now.  Now, yoga.

Posted 1 week ago by Anne-Marie Schultz


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