Sutra II.1 – Chapter II, Sutra 1


तपःस्वाध्यायेश्वरप्रणिधानानि क्रियायोगः I


The yoga of action (kriyayogah) involves the eagerness to act (tapah), self-reflection (svadhyaya) and letting go (isvarapranidhana).

PRACTICAL LIVING     According to several commentators of the Yoga Sutra-s, the first chapter was dedicated to those people with a stable mind, who are deeply involved in the Yoga path and simply need occasional reminders of the obstacles the mind may encounter and tools to deal with those obstacles. This second chapter, however, is dedicated to those of us who experience the ups and downs of daily living, the drama of relationships, careers and lifestyle, and the attachment to people, ideas and things. In other words, the second chapter is dedicated to many (if not most) of us. It is a practical and hands-on chapter, hence its name: sadhana, which means practice. Patanjali gives us clear instructions to help us achieve the state of Yoga: a clearer and…

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