17th February – Women’s Class

I was surprised how good my body felt waking up this morning – we didn’t do much in Rajalaxmi’s class last night, but what we did do was deceptively powerful. We headed off for Women’s class on a very warm and close morning – I think the temperature is beginning to creep up as we […]



3 Respostas para “17th February – Women’s Class

  1. There are women’s classes? I didn’t know that! Sometimes when I am on my period, I do not go to class because they (especially male teachers in my community) do not ask if we are on our periods before giving us asanas so I do my research and my yoga on my own at home on those days out of caution.

    • Yes, there is, in Iyengar method. This is period where women should rest and try to avoid to increase the heat (pitta). Then we do restoratives, in a way to soothe the brain, cool the body and give space to the blood to flow.

    • You can find series for each period of a woman life in the books of Patricia Walden or Bobby Clennel.

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