Finding a meditative experience in an Iyengar class

Yoga Spy

The same student who sparked my prior post, “Criticism and praise in yoga classes,” asked another question about Iyengar yoga classes:

“I… love my vinyasa practice because of the familiar repetition and rhythm—you can lose yourself in the continual movement. Do you think you can ‘get’ that meditative experience in an Iyengar class? Maybe on a micro level (the specific postures)? Or is that more of a personal thing (not something you ‘get’ from a class). Do you know what I mean?”

Excellent question.

Here are three answers off the top of my head:

Pose by pose My student answered her own question. On a “micro level” in the “specific postures,” one can find stillness. At some point, after the aligning and fiddling, one should settle down, breathe, and find ease. The long holds in Iyengar yoga are conducive to this process. Regarding props, I, too, sometimes feel hassled by…

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