Tiene 92 años y…sigue enseñando Yoga!

Proyecto Yoga Unlimited

La edad no es la barrera para este profesora de yoga en su 92 años. Vivien Vieritz ha estado practicando yoga durante 60 años y enseñando durante 50 años.
Vivien Vieritz

In her years of practising yoga, she has perfected the poses and impressed world renown yoga guru Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar with her head stands.
“It’s quite an honour to be a teacher; to help people to help themselves with posture and I really believe that everyone should do yoga for strength as they get older.
“I am so strong I cannot believe it myself. Two weeks ago I square danced all afternoon for three hours and my partner was a young man of 26. I was the envy of all the ladies in the club,” says Vivien with a laugh.
“And then that night I did ballroom dancing for four hours with another 26 year-old. He’s about six-foot and I’m…

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