Ladies Class with Gulnaz

This morning seemed quite leisurely with the 9:30 start time.  Gulnaz taught us this morning.  The energy in the room  was  chatty, but not like Saturday. The real difference in energy was after class. Every just seemed so happy to have had  an “asana” class.  It was clearly easier for people to relate to.  At the same time,  Gulnaz did plenty of philosophical concept integration. Mostly, she talked about dharana and  Dharana as the mechanism of  bridging  body and mind together.  Dharna is what makes what we do yog and  not  just physical exercise.   In all, I would say she was rather unimpressed with our performance of the asanas and exhorted us to practice.  Her cheerful demeanor  helps keep the overall tone on the lighter side of things despite the admonitions.

Another thing she focused a lot on was how specific things like  using the trifold blanket or  the cross of the thumbs in sirsasana  get  modified for a particular reason and then that gets disseminated as “the” way to  do it.   For example, today she had us walk back from  AMS to Utt  a good bit and she  made clear that we should not think or  say to others that  “this is the way do it.”  She was after getting the heels to ground.  She  said,  “you should explain with understanding.”

We worked a lot with the actions she taught on Sunday about bringing the legs strongly together.  I realized today how much we bypass needed work in the back buttocks by always doing utt with the feet a bit a part or even wider.  That accommodation is a good example of something that’s more or less become the default way to  do things.   She said  we should  “make uttanasana worthy of  its name.”   Utt- intense.

The sequence was something like this.



Utt  legs wide

Tadasana legs together


Tadasana UH

Down to Utt

Did several times.  Really working to reduce space between legs and using the arms to bring the torso in closer and closer to the legs in utt.

UPEP bringing leg only to  90


AMS  eka pada

UPEP  full pose

AMS eka pada



Vashistasana  feet together


AMS feet together

Vashistasana  Leg in Vrk


AMS feet together

Full pose  (didn’t go well)

Ananatasana working  legs together, leg in Vrk and  full pose,  did twice

Back to Vashistasana  Full pose


Sirsasana  eka pada  Parsva eka pada.  Only bringing leg to 90 and going directly to Parsva and back to eka pada  keeping hips level.

Sarvangasana   same work with  eka pada and Parsva eka pada  in eka pada line up little toe and outer hip, we were bringing the leg too much toward the mid line.

She also emphasized throughout drawing the toes of the up extended leg  very strongly down.  She said it is different work to extend the toe.  Again, I don’t think this is  “THE WAY” to work the legs, but it has been a rather consistent emphasis in the classes since I’ve been here.  It does activate the arches nicely.

It was also nice to work on Vashistasana after Prashant’s discussion about  our lack of familiarity with it last  week.   It really helped Uttasana, for example.


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