Standing poses with Rajlaxmi

Well, that was definitely the hardest “asana” we have done since we have been here.   Standing poses.  Lots of  work, lots of  points.  I worked on keeping presence of mind  in the parts that were particularly challenging, continuing to  listen for the new and be in the present moment and not  just do  what I thought I new  how to do.

Rajlaxmi is also a very good, very clear  teacher.  I found her a little more difficult to understand at first, but  that’s my limitation.  She has a very forceful teaching presence and the vitality of her poses  exudes from the skin.  (I was right up front.) Beautiful to see.

Even though it was hard work and point filled, there were certainly elements of Yogasana as well.  For example, near the end, she had a nice  observation a bout “inner body awareness bringing  intelligence  and  how  various  poses  change the “out going  outward going thoughts toward inward moving thoughts.”

Everyone seemed  pretty tired and happy after class.  Jeff and I walked home.  The sun was pretty hot.  Cauliflower and potato subji, quite tasty and a dahl with both red and green chilis  swimming about.

Happily, the internet was working  for  awhile,  though  it is not  now.   Mostly,  I did work  email,  wrote  the sequence, and notes and now  it  is pretty much time to head back up to practice.

We are planning on staying to observe the medical class.

Here is something close to the sequence.   I’m not posting my extended notes. You’ll have to come to class and practices  to get the juicy details.


Ladies  Class  June  11, 2014  Rajlaxmi

AM Sukasana  Twice





UH  palms  facing each other, then   arms out wide and turn arms up then UH Palms forward.

Paschima baddanguilasana  lift chest arch neck back slightly.

Parsva Hasta Padasana

Trik  two or three times.

Ustrasana for the chest (not for doing Ustrasana as such) between Triks

Tadasana,    paschima  badd  lift head up and arch neck  back slightly.

UP, arm  up then over.  Twice  (the Ustrasasna  may have gone between these)


Parsva BK


Parsva UVK

Vira  2







V1 and V3

Really long hanging uttanasana heels turned out.

Dandasana concave back, fold forward

Sirsasana  (prep)

Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana in sirsasana then Sirsasana, then eka  pada sirsasana bringing foot to the floor.   Then do the same with opposite  leg.

Come down,   paschima Badd  lift chin and arch neck back a bit.

switch interlace  and  again to UPEP in  sirsasana, then  sirsasana,  then eka pada, sirsasana,  then switch legs  UPEP, Sirsasana,  Eka Pada sirsasana.

AMVirasana  either holding ankles and rolling shoulders back  or  paschima Badd to roll shoulders back.



Sarvangasana (belt right on  elbows)

Eka Pada


Parsva Halasana



Roll out with legs bent  because of  space issues

Paschimo with enough support for head that  T spine is lower than head.


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