A few thoughts on class and practice and a Rajlaxmi Sequence


It was hard getting up this morning, but  by  5:00 am  we were  drinking coffee and eating breakfast.  I went along to observe Rajlaxmi’s class.   I took tons of  notes.   Transcribing them seems like a  rather daunting task at the moment.  She’s intense. Adamant.   People were working hard.  No props. Emphasis on getting the body to do the actions.  She  said two things about props that I thought were interesting.  1. Props are for invalids.  2.  Props are for refining advanced action.   Not her exact words, but  her overall point is that we  have to train the body to do the action that we need to be able to do the pose.

I did parts of this practice and parts of the ladies classes thus far  during practice today. It all fits quite well together.  (Lots of twisting, lots of hip work).   The only thing I didn’t work in were the suptas from last Saturday.    I had  enough energy for  practice  today.  I made it a good 2.5 hours without the beginning restorative/recovery time.  It is a lot easier to practice when Prashant is not  right before.

All the teachers were there practicing twists today. It is really fascinating to watch them.  They work hard and then really adjust/ help each other with much more, vigor,  than one usually sees in a western Iyengar class.  Nothing about their work in the pose or  work with each other is casual.  I would not say it looks like “Effortless effort”  but  Rajlaxmi sure can demonstrate with effortless effort.  Her body is so fluid on the stage.  I found my attention going to the root of the action over and over again.

Lunch was a little late today, but we had  green bean subji, which was pretty tasty. The new chapati flour is not as  good, so we’ll be going back to the original brand.

Anyway,  mostly just laying low (working on the Aristotle paper  and reading this fabulous book, the  Secret Life of  Violet Grant)   until  Pranayama  this evening.

Here’s the sequence.


Friday Morning  June  13,  Rajlaxmi 





Walk back  to  Uttanasana

Concave  Utt  feet wide then  full pose  hands on ankles

Padangusthasana  concave and full pose

Padahastasana Concave and full pose

Utt  feet  together,  Concave and full pose

Bend knees

Come up to Utkatasana

Bend more, hold heels    utt  keep contact  with thighs and abdomen,  Uttanasana

Tadasana  walk forward to Parsvottasana concave

Then  extend torso to the right little toe side of  front  leg,  then  down.

(I think this happened twice

Uttansana  between  sides

Prasarita  padd.  Huge amount of time in upright   position,  concave,  then down

Walk legs in to Utt



Bk/ UVK (One leg in each)   then BK leg to M1  toes straight ahead, then turned, then back to BK   same  leg    then  switch legs.

JS  turn   and fold over bent leg

Sneak to  Parivritta  JS

(Did twice. )

Virasana, Parvatasana,  Supat virasana


Ardha baddha padma  paschimo bend over bent leg,  then bend extended leg in to come to Padmasana, Parvatasana,  Matsyasana.

Switch legs

Ardha Badhha padma paschimo  making  clasp.     Turn toward padmasana leg.

Paschimottasana,  Concave,  down,  concave.


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