10 Universal Reasons to Take a Yoga Teacher Training – by Sarah Ezrin

One of the more common questions I get at information sessions for trainings is “what if I don’t want to teach?”

Believe it or not, about half the people who take trainings don’t actually want to teach! Some of you may be thinking, then why take a teacher training versus attending workshops or regular group classes?

At YogaWorks we’re famous for saying (and proving) that yoga teacher trainings transform people’s lives whether or not you ultimately teach yoga.

Here are ten universal benefits to taking a yoga training:

  1. Understand the poses more deeply– This is probably the most obvious of the benefits. Workshop style practices, detailed alignment, and in-depth anatomy lessons help practitioners to develop greater comprehension of the postures.
  2. Understand yourself more deeply- Through the work both on and off the mat, trainees look at their habits (samskaras) and tendencies and learn how to make shifts…

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