Change. It ain’t quick or easy. But man, it’s worth it. – by Alexandria Crow

Alex_6340_proof I’m so proud of anyone who accepts a challenge and embarks upon change. I know how hard it is from experience, and I’m proud of all of you participating in the 28 Day Spring Yoga Challenge .

I remember a time in my life when I said change was pretty much impossible. I thought I was fixed the way I was, take it or leave it. Any time I tried to change anything it would only stick temporarily, so what was the point?

Well, I’m glad to say because of yoga and meditation, I’ve changed my tune completely. I’ve learned that change is ABSOLUTELY possible and completely sustainable. This realization didn’t come quickly or easily, and that’s the part I want to shout out loud to everyone: change is NEVER quick or easy!!! There is no magic, no fast track, no pill, but the change will be lasting and more worth it…

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