Making money from yoga teaching

Somethings to consider. I did law school, myself, I know what she is talking about. But I have to agree with one thing she said and that fits any kind of teacher: “Law school was more expensive than Iyengar yoga teacher training. But I spent just three years in law school, plus one summer studying for the California bar exam, while I’ve studied Iyengar yoga for over 15 years, including three years training for certification, and could spend a lifetime preparing for assessments. Why should lawyers necessarily get paid way more than Iyengar yoga teachers?” Teachers must earn more money to support their living and turn possible improving themselves.

Yoga Spy

The other day, teaching at a community centre, I did an elevated Chatushpadasana (Bridge pose), feet on chair. Props are minimal, but include thick mats, foam blocks, and straps. I resorted to supporting my shoulders with a folded-up mat. During my demo, I immediately realized that one mat was inadequate, but nevertheless worked the pose. After exiting, I directed students to use more height.

220px-Trapezius_animation_small2That afternoon, my upper trapezius was aching. Did I hyperflex my cervical spine?! I regretting holding my demo at the expense of my body. My fault, I know. Ironically, I escaped whiplash when rear-ended at a stoplight last summer, but perpetrated my own neck injury.

The following [un-yogic] thought flitted through my mind: “Well, this is just terrific. I’d better make enough from that class to pay for the massage I need now.”

Within two weeks, my neck healed, but…

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